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Technical analysis of your website

Do you want to ensure that your website provides the best possible user experience and ranks high in search engines? The algorithm of Google and other search engines is very complex and depends on many factors. Simply putting a website online is often not enough; the game will only just begin. Google will immediately generate a performance report for your website in Pagespeed Insights, and if you have properly registered your website in Google Search Console, you won't be the first to be surprised by the complex issues.

Lars van Galen has worked as a programmer for 10 years for large webshops and marketing agencies and is the tech expert who is ready to guide you and explain these complex terms. This includes mapping out the major pain points or identifying the low-hanging fruit. Consider the following points, for example:

  • Crawlability Issues & Errors: Ensuring smooth and error-free indexing by search engines.

  • Google Indexability Status: Checking if your website is effectively indexed by Google.

  • Link Issues: Identifying and resolving problems with links on your site.

  • Redirects: Ensuring proper redirection and avoiding broken links.

  • Social Tagging Issues: Optimizing social media tags for better online visibility.

  • Duplicate Content: Identifying pages flagged by Google as duplicates.

  • Page Speed Issues: Improving loading speeds for a seamless user experience.

  • Slow Page Issues: Identifying and resolving slow-loading pages.

  • Image Optimization Issues: Optimizing images for faster load times.

  • Problems with Javascript: Resolving Javascript issues for optimal functionality.

  • CSS Issues: Checking and improving stylesheet integration.

  • HTTP Status Codes: Ensuring correct HTTP status codes for effective communication with browsers.

  • Crawl Depth: Evaluating the depth of website crawl for efficient indexing.

  • Crawl Budget: Ensuring your website complies with Google's assigned page limit.

  • XML Sitemaps Check: Verifying XML sitemaps for better search engine performance.

  • HTML Sitemaps Check: Checking HTML sitemaps for structured navigation.

  • Bot Access: Ensuring easy access for search engines and web robots.

  • Site Architecture: Evaluating the overall structure of your website.

  • URL Structure: Optimizing the URL structure for search engine friendliness.

  • Site Content: Assessing content for relevance and effectiveness.

  • Title Tags: Optimizing title tags for better search results.

  • Social Sharing: Improving social shareability for increased online engagement.

  • Popups and Notifications: Ensuring non-intrusive pop-ups and notifications.

Let's Build Together

Whether you have an existing website that needs a boost or want to create an entirely new online presence, I am ready to share my expertise and help you achieve success. Contact me today, and let's make your website or webshop stand out together!